Santa came early!

Around 6:30 tonight my doorbell rang, I opened it and was greeted by:  "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!  Your new computer is here."  That is a week and a half before scheduled delivery.
I got a HP this time, it is so much better than the Dell that I had previously.  Now I just have to learn a new system.  Get my photos on this and my Adobe Photoshop so I can start posting my creations again.

On the sad news, a deer ran into hubby on his way home from work last night.  I thank God that he was in an older truck, the metal caved in but kept the deer from him.  So even though we have had a lot of rotten things going on, God is still so good!

I got my broken tooth fixed this afternoon.  My poor Granddaughter got her tonsils removed last week her Mommy (my daughter) took off, this week I am watching her and the poor thing is still having a tough time with it Daddy might be lucky and get Thursday and Friday off for his turn but if not I will be glad to help out!


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