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New Craft Room!

It is going slow but my new craft room is coming along.  My sweet son painted my ceiling for me and moved my cabinets upstairs for me!  I made 3 cards this past week a birthday card for my mom, an anniversary card for my parents and my in laws.  It was so nice to just go into my craft room upstairs and create.  It has been so hard to be creative with my arthritis in my knees by the time I get down the stairs I hurt too bad to do anything.  Here are some pictures of what my craft room looks like so far! Home School Room NOW CRAFT ROOM !!!! There is still a lot of work ahead, but it is going to be so nice.  Don't worry I haven't given up homeschooling, we only have two years left and we don't use that room for school any more and it is time to get rid of the lower level school books that we have used.  The next two years will be a lot of reading and doing instead of paper work, it is time to learn what it will be like in the "real" wor