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My Crazy Life

So it has been a week and two days that my hubby came home from work early.....the company that he had been working at for the past eight years laid him and about one hundred others off permanently.  So we have went from a one paycheck family to a ZERO paycheck family :( We both have been looking for something.  He is working for the school corporation, but we have no insurance so as soon as his previous insurance ends we will have to pay for that until he finds a full time job with benefits.  The sad thing is that he really enjoys working for the school corporation. I am going to have to get things going in my craft room and make some cards to help out. The good thing is now that he isn't bringing home all the stuff on his clothes from work, my breathing has gotten better.  I am feeling more energetic and able to get more done around the house! I will be giving up my Stampin' Up! status, but I will still use their products.  I have some stuff left over from CTMH that I