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December 1st!

I can not believe that December is already here!  It's 45 here, not too bad for this time of year.  Only 24 days left until Christmas Day.  I had a wonderful time this week with my granddaughter, but today and tomorrow her daddy got to take off work.  She loves to craft with her nanna and I am so glad. I have so much to do today one is to go to my best friend's husbands funeral, but I am having a dizzy spell that started last night.  I am a little leery of driving like this so I feel like I should be safe than have an accident.  My wonderful hubby told me that he would take me in the morning.  I am so lucky to have him.  He takes good care of me and lets me stay home to be a wife and a mother and a nanna which are the best jobs in the world for me!! I am going to try my best to get my crafting passion turned into a business.  I read in our local paper that making Christmas ornaments are so relaxing---really!?!  Wow all of us crafters never would have guessed that crafting i