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Craft room

Yes I am still working on my craft room.  My newest addition is....... I really like it, this is what I had in mind that I was looking for all except the color. (I was thinking pink)  I really like how they painted it, it is kind of a chalk looking color very soft.  I am so glad that I waited until I found what I was looking for. Today I am working on making a chalk board for my granddaughter's Easter present.  The top will have a cork board and the bottom will be the chalk.  It is to hide the electric panel that is in her bedroom.  I made it from an old full length mirror frame.  It will be completely up-cycled!  I have been also working on some shirts that my daughter wants me to make for her....all I have to say is that Cricut Design Space and I are not on good terms right now! Junior is no longer a junior, we are going to start his senior year the first of May.  I can not believe how fast time has went. If the last year goes as easy as this past one has I will still be lo