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Newest vinyl project

I had a few canvas plaques hanging around just waiting for some creativity.  We are celebrating my daughter's 32nd Birthday today (her birthday is tomorrow), we had storms all night and still this morning it is raining.  We have had over 7" of rain since 10 pm last night. (rain and cold is usual for her birthday)  So I had to make my granddaughter a present too.  This is what I can up with. For the longest time I hated using my cricut.  I have had everyone from the baby bug to the Explore.  I liked using my Gypsy and my regular cricut, but really never liked the Cricut Design Space.  I just happen to find some training videos about a month ago (playing instead of sleeping~sleep is overrated anyway) my daughter wanted me to make her some T-shirts with vinyl ---eeekkksss.  So that got me looking for help, I joined a cricut facebook group and lurked around, and I have to say that I am loving my cricut! To make this project I used one of my canvas frames, painted it