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Last day of September

I have had an awful time with my allergies, sinuses and arthritis.  I did make my mother in law a birthday card for the 23rd it only took me 4 days to make and it was very simple. I forgot to take a picture of it. 😪  I really want to get back to my craft room and I really would love for my energy to come back so I can try to finish organizing it and making crafts! I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos getting lots of ideas.  My Paper Pumpkin' kits are stacking up.  I have been on   re-pinning a lot! It is so nice that my son can do his school without my guidance.  He has grown into such a wonderful, helpful and responsible young man.  I really hate to see his graduation day get here, we have had so much time together. I did get to go to my granddaughter's Grandparent's Day program for the preschool that she is in.  It was so cute!  I sure do miss seeing her every day, now I am lucky to see her once a month.  So sad, but I don't want to intrude in their l